Secondary User Registration


We are implementing a second level user capability to allow for organizations with a group of primary users to be jointly alerted.

How it works:


  • A secondary user defines land parcel boundaries and FDRS registration points  to be monitored.
  • The secondary user also nominates (via handphone number/s)  one or more other primary users to receive such alerts jointly.


  • All Primary Users must have the mobile app activated (i.e. user registered with this website here and have their phone app installed & logged in.)
  • Primary users will receive joint alert notifications on land parcels & registration points as defined by the Secondary User. (They will also receive alert notifications on their own set of defined land parcels and registration points, if any.)

Note: The nomination of a set of phone numbers to be grouped/paired to receive joint alerts is subject to the approval of the ASEAN Fire Alert website administrator.

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