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The ASEAN Fire Alert website works together with your smart phone. The service is provided free.


  1. Register at this website here.
    You can begin to plot regions and land parcels you wish to monitor. Give each region a name so that we can communicate with you about the status of that region. You can also mark registration points to monitor changes in the Fire Weather Index (FWI).
  2. Install Phone App
    [ Download for Android  | iOS - iPhone/iPad ]
    Note: You can either perform Steps 1 followed by 2, or vice-versa .
  3. Login via your Phone App:
    Enter your email & password (from Step 1) into your phone. You will be able to receive Push Notifications to your phone from this website. Each day, whenever there are hotspots within your defined land parcels/regions, or changes in FDRS/FWI on your registered monitoring points, you will receive a Push Notification (alert message) on your phone.

You can at anytime login to this website to view the full listing of all your regions or to view your regions with hotspots. You can also 'add', 'modify' or 'delete' or 'rename' your regions and your registration points.


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